Whichever one of our undergraduate degrees you choose to pursue, you will gain knowledge of the key cultural, social and political issues facing the world today and will develop highly sought after skills in areas such as critical thinking, presenting an argument and analysing information. In the School of Arts and Social Sciences we aim to open our students’ minds, while giving them the tools to prepare them for a range of exciting and fulfilling careers. 

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Postgraduate studies at the School encompass both research and coursework models, and cover a range of disciplines within the social sciences and humanities. Candidates will be taught by, and/or will work with, experts in their fields, and engage with cutting edge theories as they explore the challenges faced by the region and the rest of the world in the twenty-first century.

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Postgraduate studies can be the foundation to a great career. It can turn an existing career into something brilliant, help you change careers or aid in pursuing your passion.


Specifically focusing on Southeast Asia but from a global perspective, SASS's research interrogates the shifts in, and challenges of, the region's divergent social, political, cultural and ethical manifestations in an attempt to understand and appreciate its human and environmental conditions so as to propose better approaches to managing and/or resolving ongoing conflicts and highlighting inequalities.

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The School's research strength is Social Transformation in Southeast Asia and can be grouped into Politics and Governance in Southeast Asia; Culture, Religion and Gender in Southeast Asia; and Media, Literature and the Cinema in Southeast Asia.

General Studies

The objective of undertaking General Studies & Malaysian National Subjects is to equip students with knowledge and soft-skills such as philosophy, arts and communication to produce intellectual, balanced and holistic graduates.

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GS and MNS units are taken by all students from every school. As such, classes are made up of a unique blend of people. This creates a dynamic interdisciplinary learning environment that cultivates critical and creative thinking.

Monash English Bridging

Monash English Bridging (MEB) provides students with the relevant skills to close the gap between school education and the demands of a university education.

Under the tutelage of experienced and qualified English language instructors, students learn academic reading, writing, speaking, listening, note-taking and research in a small, focused environment.

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MEB teachers take a communicative language teaching approach to the delivery of their classes, guaranteeing a friendly learning environment designed to ensure each student has every opportunity to develop the language resources necessary to succeed in their courses at Monash University.

MEB students enter their chosen courses directly upon successful completion of MEB.