Message from the Head of School

The 21st century promises to be an exciting era with unimaginable possibilities. Globalisation has become an entrenched part of our way of life. From the tribal community in Papua New Guinea to the great metropolis of New York, London and Paris, we see a myriad of activities that brings all people together. The world is no longer compartmentalised. We see interconnections everywhere as a result of the advent of communication and today, the work of the internet and social media. We now live in a global village where knowledge and communication can be transmitted and groups of people connected with the touch of a button or a click. We have become cosmopolitan, urbane and sophisticated.

The dawn of the new Anthropocene has ushered in rapid social transformations that impacted on all aspects of our life, from climatic and ecological changes to socio-economic and political transformations, from closed to open communities, and from localisation to transnational migration. As individuals living in a globalised world, we are not immune to such developments. How do we deal with these developments and changes?

The Arts and Social Sciences offers deep understanding into our local and global communities. It provides a critical platform into how local and global communities construct and individuals respond to the issues of identity, material culture, values and morals. From interrogating and understanding the changes brought about by rapid modernisation and social transformation as a result of modern technology and scientific innovation, from migration to the realisation of the need to return to our cultural roots, we are forced to confront our morals and values of the communities that we live in and ultimately of our identities – our cultural identity, political identity, social identity and the global identity. 

Here, at the School of Arts and Social Sciences, Monash Malaysia, academics are also conducting frontier research in a wide ranging areas in the various disciplines ranging from international relations, anthropology, communication, cultural and gender studies and are experts in their areas of research. The students are exposed to these new knowledge as they come into contact with academics in our school. 

It is my vision that together with the excellent faculty, we will build the Arts and Social Sciences education where students learned critical thinking skills and understanding of amongst others, socio-cultural diversities, political events that shaped the world, the roles of new media and communication. At the end of their academic journey, they become social and cultural ambassadors and bring their social and cultural skills to the wider world as they become productive members and leaders of the workforce, the local and global communities.

We are living in exciting and adventurous time. Come, join us and explore the Anthropocene world through the lens of the Arts and Social Sciences. You deserve to become critical thinkers and leaders of the world today! 


Professor Kuah Khun Eng
Head, School of Arts and Social Sciences