SASS has appointed Mr Azharr Rudin as the Film-maker in Residence (FIR) for 2012.  Azharr Rudin is a key figure in what was known as the Malaysian New Wave cinema, often collaborating as an editor even to those outside of the ‘Wave’. 

His MAJIDEE (2005), a film with “trust between strangers” as its central theme, won awards at film festivals in Hawaii, Tokyo and Singapore. His “sophisticated experimental sextet” THE AMBER SEXALOGY a "...sometimes whimsical, often lyrical vignettes of longing and love" debuted at the 2006 Singapore International Film Festival. His films have also been featured in film festivals across the globe.

His debut feature film PUNGGOK RINDUKAN BULAN (THIS LONGING) an “introspective film that captures the lives of those living in a run-down low-cost flat slated for demolition in Johor Bahru” premiered at Pusan 2008 and has been described as “uplifting”, “poignant”, “mysterious”, “daring”, “astonishing”, “authentic” and “evocatively captures sense of liminality.” It was also listed as among the best films of World Cinema in 2008/09. 

Residency Activities 

During his tenure with SASS, among other things, he will: 

a. Produce an omnibus film, ORIGINS with SASS students

b. Be a reference and support point for the students when it comes to filmmaking.

c. Develop a feature film project Matahari

d. Develop and shoot an omnibus, VIA: an organic and kaleidoscopic film on the states of certain things here within the geographical boundaries of this land.