A project proposed and guided by Monash Sunway’s first filmmaker-in-residence, Fikri Jermadi in 2011 for the students of Monash University Sunway Campus where they teamed up and took key positions as director, screenwriter, producer and even as sound designer. 

The production which spans across the matters of young hearts in Talking in Bed (7 minutes) and even espionage drama in Broken Source  (17 minutes). 

SASS lecturers  gave stelllar perfomance as voice actors in Checkmate (8 minutes) as they sort out their differences in the form of chess pieces while posing the question "Is the end of war truly only ever seen by the dead?".

Ice is an experimental short film that looks into our five senses. 

Some of the students who participated in this project have gone on to pursue a career in the film and TV field.  

Eng Sze Jia is now working as production coordinator at the world famous Ryhthm & Hues Studios, while Brad Liew, Diaz Hernawan, Vince Cheong,  Lim Sheng Feixiang and few others soldier on with their hip collective of filmmakers known as The Weekend Projects.